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The Faeries of the Underworld: A Hades and Persephone Duology

Inspired by a mutual love of both Greek Literature and YA dark faerie stories, The Faeries of the Underworld duology follows 17-year-old Persephone Carter after she's whisked away to the Underworld by the mysterious Lord of Night. 

It's Holly Black meets Sarah J Maas with a bit of Rick Riordan. The first tale focuses largely on the romance while the second on political intrigue and action. As usual, female agency is paramount, and beneath his cool, confident demeanour, Hades is a well-rounded love interest with hidden depths. 

Some violence, some language, and scenes of a sexual nature.

I'm hoping to eventually expand the universe with a prequel series about the original Greek "gods". There are loose plans for "House of Wind and Whispers" (Eros and Psyche) and "Land of Spring and Shadow" (the original Hades and Persephone).

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