The Mechanical Kingdoms

An adult series of steampunk fairytale retellings, The Mechanical Kingdoms chronicles three heroines as they take on a dystopian government.

Subway Tracks
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Surviving an assassination attempt, Dr Asami Thorne is saved by a mysterious “beast”—a former soldier left disfigured by the very government trying to kill her. Escaping to the underground beneath the great clockwork city of Petragrad, Asami refuses to spend the rest of her life in the abandoned railroads. She works alongside Beast to uncover the truth behind the experiments that destroyed his life and threaten hers.

But untold horrors await the both of them, and Asami risks far more than losing her life when she finds herself falling for her mysterious saviour...

Includes scenes of a sexual nature.

Clock Gears
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Tropical Leaves
Desert Landscape