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About Me

A deep and unabiding love of literature has guided my entire life. As a child, I remember watching my parents disappear between the pages of a book, and longed to follow them. That same desire later drove me to seek a job at Waterstones, where I slept, breathed and devoured book after book. 

It led me to Lancaster University, where I completed a BA in English and Creative Writing, and, afterwards, to Exeter, where I decided to try and use my passion to help others. I qualified as an English teacher in 2014. 

All this time, I remained a writer at heart, "dabbling" on the side between marking books and sleeping. For me, writing was a passion, and for many years I was too nervous to do anything, despite the number of completed manuscripts in my collection. 

It was not until a year after my son's birth, when I realised if I could survive a full-time job on 6 hours sleep and 12 months of motherhood, I could probably do anything. I fished out The Rose and the Thorn, re-wrote it, and published it myself during the summer holidays. 

It turned out to be the first of many, as apparently people did enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am looking to be up to 20 books by the time The Rose and Thorn hits its 4th birthday in August 2023. 

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