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The Phoenix Project

A dystopian series, the Phoenix Project centres around a group of genetically engineered superhumans who escape from the lab that made them and join a rebellion to overthrow a corrupt government. It's action, romance, witty banter and found family, while addressing the question of what it is to be human and if the ends justify the means.

Young/New Adult. Violence, mild sexual content, and some bad language.




Made in a lab, Ashe was manufactured to be a genetically perfect specimen and raised to be a leader, a soldier. Until one day she fought back… at a terrible cost.

Ashe and her remaining family flee towards the city of Luca, a dark, grim metropolis riddled with violence and disease. Despite this, and the loss that haunts them still, they manage to thrive and stay hidden from their creators. All that is threatened when Ashe saves the life of Nick, a member of the resistance group known as Phoenix. Nick is convinced that Ashe is the key to bringing down a corrupt government and building a better tomorrow, and Ashe finds herself increasingly drawn to him.

But then the past catches up to them, and Ashe is forced to finally confront her true purpose...



Ashe finally did what she swore to do five years ago when she returned to the Institute... she returned and burnt the place to the ground. But all is not over. Recaptured by her enemies and presumed dead, she is separated from her family and re-conditioned to be the perfect soldier. Reunited with an old friend she thought she lost, Ashe is determined to escape... but the world outside is not how she remembers it. New enemies are surfacing, and untold heartbreak awaits her...





It's time to make the final stand.

As Ashe struggles to comprehend the revelations given to her by both Gabe and the sinister Director, several factions are making a move as the world begins yet another descent into chaos. Torn between her desire to fix her fractured family and her love for Nick, Ashe is forced to ally with an old enemy. But he has secrets of his own.

With the world tearing itself apart, Ashe must fight against her fate and finally decide what her true purpose is.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

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