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The Fey Collection

Lose yourself in Fairy Land...

Do you love fairy tales but hate damsels in distress? Do you love heroes but hate toxic masculinity? Do you adore true love but struggle to connect to the relationships that replace depth with "instalove"?

Katherine Macdonald's fairy tale retellings are everything you loved about the classic tales, with shimmering imagery, haunting settings, and oodles of magic. They are stories all about love, real and deep and true, both romantic and platonic. You'll find no insipid heroes here; just fierce girls and gentle boys. 

The Rose and the Thorn

28th August 2019

I am extremely proud and honoured to share my debut novel with you. 

"The Rose and the Thorn" is a retelling of the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast. It re-emphasises the darker fairy-tale elements of the original tale, but focuses more on the relationship between the titular characters. It is layered with romance, heartbreak... and danger. 

Available in ebook, paperback and kindle unlimited.


Heart of Thorns

The Rose and the Thorn Companion

She alone can break my curse. She alone can kill me.
No other death for me but her.

Cursed as a child, a lonely beast waits in vain for the one who might rescue him, as the weight of the curse slowly sucks the life from the castle he calls home. Six have come, and six have failed... and he is running out of time.

When a young girl named Rose appears in his realm, and gifts him with a name, Thorn, he quickly finds himself falling for her. But Rose has secrets of her own, and there is a darkness inside the walls of the castle that will stop at nothing to be free once more...
The "equal" to the sumptuous Beauty and the Beast tale, "The Rose and the Thorn." Relive the magic from Thorn's eyes. While the stories can be read in any order, it is recommended that you read "The Rose and the Thorn" before embarking on Thorn's own tale.




You will want to crawl inside the world Macdonald creates."

"Had me completely and utterly entranced.""



"An elegant, beautiful tale."

"This gothic literature is a masterpiece. It is undeniably one of the best -- and I mean the best -- fairy tales ever written."

Kingdom of Thorns

Cursed at her Christening, Briar is doomed to prick her finger on a spinning wheel on her seventeenth birthday and plunge her kingdom into eternal slumber. Less than enthused about her fate, she fights to break it, but a hundred years later the kingdom lies at the centre of a forest of thorns. The curse is complete and only true love's kiss will break it.

Volunteering in the place of his brother, Leo is determined to brave the enchanted forest and attempt to end the hundred-year-old curse. If he fails, the dark fairy, imprisoned within the Kingdom of Thorns, will be unleashed upon the world and a kingdom will fall to ruin.

Guided by a mysterious young ranger named Talia, he sets off on his quest, but the darkness isn't the only thing that grows in the woods, and Leopold finds himself locked in a bitter fight for his life, his sanity… and his heart.

A tale of true love, inner strength, and the power of free will. No damsels in distress here; just action, mesmerising description, and delightful witty banter

Long before Rose met Thorn, a prince fought to save a kingdom, and a princess risk everything for her freedom...

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